About me

Marialena Christopoulou


My first love was History; because if you don't understand your past how can you expect to know the future? I was born and bred in Athens, where Ι studied Archaeology and Art History. Those studies are the reason that archaeology holds a special place in my heart. During my college years I worked as a curator in the New Acropolis Museum and participated in educational programs for children.

After I graduated, I was accepted in the University of Siena, Italy, for a Master’s degree in the "Conservation and maintenance of historical, archaeological and cultural heritage". My Master’s theses were about “The Repatriation of the Elgin Marbles: European and International Law” and “Museum’s Educational Role: the Case of the National Archaeological Museum” after having my training in educational programs’ department of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, where I designed a new educational program for children. I graduated from the University of Siena after getting a scholarship.

In 2011 I returned to Greece and I worked for 3 years in excavations on an ancient settlement and its cemetery. Throughout these years I served as a guide for schools and small groups in Lamia's Archaeological Museum. My experience from Italy and Lamia led me back to Athens in 2014, after I decided to follow a training program to become a licensed tour guide.

"Tour guiding for me wasn't something that came up suddenly. It was part of my professional life for the past 7 years. Nowadays, my only commitment is to impart my knowledge and transmit my love for Greece to others."

As an archaeologist and a tour guide, I always thought of Greece as a place where anyone can embark on an adventurous, exciting and unpredictable travel back in time. Countless stories, myths and legends stretching back to the very birth of humanity were generated in this land and are waiting for you not only to discover but also be a part of them.